Friday, September 23, 2011

Doctors for peace and Harmony International conference in Moldova

On 16th of September CARP in Moldova join one month national peace initiative and organize an event for the International Peace Day: “Doctors for peace and Harmony” International conference. Attended by 14 participants conference host guests also from USA, Turkey and Slovakia.
Main topic was that healthy lifestyle start from peace within us, mind and body harmony and peace between people. Also the very important issue for the health of people is cooperation between different type of medicine traditional and nontraditional etc. Beside the different doctors and medical agents presentations about their products and services there where an presentation from Family Federation in Moldova, meditation practice and also presentation of Cheongshim hospital- an international medical center that combines both western and oriental medicines with spiritual healing ( and its founder Rev. Dr Sun Myung Moon.
After 2 hour conference participants get a natural conclusion to meet more often and that is very good for cooperation between different type of medicine traditional and nontraditional, eastern and western to cooperate for health, harmony and peace of the people.
Cirpala Nicolae CARP in Moldova president

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