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Intern Abroad, Volunteer Abroad: free accommodations, programs, jobs – travel, learn and experience the World for Interns, Students, Volunteers and youth at IVA –International Volunteer Academy www.ivacademy.ru

We work in a wide range of projects located all around the world.  When you go abroad with IVA, you specify when you want to go, where and what project you want to do.  Some IVA programs are:
I.            Global-Virtual Internship and Volunteer program:

Do you internship or volunteer program from any part of the world , 인턴쉽! ivacademy.ru
International Volunteer Academy – IVA are inviting students, young people or any volunteers who would like the opportunity for exposure to a wide range of work and experiences for Internship or Voluntary positions within our rapidly growing, fast-paced organization (available for all students and youth also for those who need to intern or volunteer for their studies, make researches etc.). Groups of any size are also welcomed.
IVA virtual internship is the unique opportunity for an intern to gain real world experience by integrating the knowledge learned in the classroom with on the job training and experience, while working in a remote professional setting and is not physically present at the job location.

IVA provide all sorts of virtual internship placements:

- Sales, Marketing, Product Sourcing and Business: Advertising, Branding, Classifieds Posting, Internet Marketing, Market Research, Business Plans, Recruitment;

- Websites, IT and Software: Blogging, Programming, eCommerce, eLearning, Facebook, Game Design, Google, HTML, Java, Joomla, Linux, PHP, SEO, Web, Software development;  Search Engine Optimization;

-Media, Writing and Content: Articles, copywriter,  Blog, Editing, Financial Research, Forum Posting, Poetry; also Video creation and Journalism;
-Bloggers - promote our social campaigns throw internet
-Image maker - making booklets, creating video spots, creating thematic photos, creating promotional materials
-Fundraising - Writing and proof reading grant proposals, researching and contacting sponsors;
- Project research and creation – researching grant opportunities and creating projects to fulfill requirements. Justifying proposals with statistical evidence as well as forging domestic and cross-border partnerships;

-International communication -researching and contacting potential International partners;        -Design, Graphic Design, Media and Architecture: 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, Animation, Banner Design, Blog Design, Brochure Design, Commercials, Concept Design, Corporate Identity, Flash, Logo Design, Motion Graphics, Music, Photo Editing, Photoshop, Video Broadcasting, Website Design.
Virtual interns liaise with IVA online through all high tech means including email, Skype, instant messaging, phone conversations, webinars.
II.                Volunteer in Europe and Intern in Eastern Europe
Learn about the fascinating history and cultures of Eastern Europe. Participate on archaeological digs, work for a local newspaper, volunteer in Georgia, RussiaSaint Petersburg, Estonia or Take care of orphaned children In Moldova; coach sport or undertake care work, learn Russian or teach English.

III.     Volunteer in Africa or Intern in Africa

Volunteer on one of the most vibrant continents in the world. Teach English to school children, work on a human rights project, do construction work in Ivory Coast or Ghana
IV.             Volunteer in Asia and Intern in Asia

 With the religions and cultures as diverse as the landscapes, Asia is the perfect place to volunteer. Work in a hospital in Nepal, teach English in India or IT in Sri Lanka or work in an orphanage or teach in a school in Indonesia, Thailand or Malaysia
V. Volunteer in Latin America and the Caribbean and Intern in Latin America and the Caribbean

From the island paradises to the Andes Mountains, Latin America offers something for  everyone. We have a wide variety of volunteer projects and internships on offer including: teaching English at School in Guatemala, working at a health Centre in Honduras, conserving the forests of Costa Rica, and doing care work, landscaping, painting or building a school or health centers in Jamaica, Barabados, St Lucia, Trinidad, Grenada, St Vincent.  If you are interested in South American volunteer projects and internships, IVA has many opportunities in Guyana and Suriname, Peru, Venezuela, and Brazil as well.
We just ask for a one time donation of 100 US to cover the administration costs for a placement.

Application instructions:  In order to apply send your telephone number, resume and position request to ivolunteeracademy@gmail.com  and irff@pisem.net and donate 100$ with www.ivacademy.ru PayPal service.

International Volunteer Academy- www.ivacademy.ru

Type: Internships, Volunteering, Youth- travel, education and innovation
What is IVA? IVA stands for International Volunteer Academy. We’re  a group of young and young at heart people from across the world  who want to make a difference.   Our Motto “Creating a Youth Culture of Peace through Service.” Through our own efforts as well as through working with other young people, we serve global community.
The more practical and external definition of IVA is it is a training program for young people to become skilled in the field of Social and IT Work. These skills can be acquired through working within a local community, experiencing international service work, and creating personal projects.

Mission and Objectives:

1. To promote a youth culture of service. Help young people to take initiative and contribute to society;
2. To organize activities for youth transcending race, religion and culture
3. Character-building activities through:
  1.    Character Education
  2.    Cultural exchange
  3.    Interreligious cooperation
  4.    Studying universal values
  5.    Living for the sake of others
4. To assist students in organizing personal projects
5. Provide Interns, Students, Volunteers and youth with experience in the cutting edge IT sector
6. Provide Marketing experience to Interns, Students, Volunteers and youth
7. Advice youth in the first steps for the family and business life

             Why Choose International Volunteer Academy?
At IVA, we are proud to offer volunteer opportunities, internships, and language courses of the highest quality. In each community we have local staff to ensure that our volunteers work on worthwhile local programs, receive ample support, and stay safe.
If you wondering what differentiates us from other similar providers. There really are a lot of programs out there, which is great!
The following facts set us apart from other volunteer organizations and that we feel are important to consider when contemplating such a significant endeavor.
                           Flexibility and Variety
Your options with International Volunteer Academy are limitless. Through our local staff and our long association in each country, we work with different settings, covering teaching, childcare, healthcare, light construction, landscaping, human rights, IT and conservation. If these projects are not in alignment with your needs and skills a project can be tailored just for you. No other organization gives you a custom made service project.
You can also just apply for what you want.  This enables us to match intern and volunteer skills and aspirations to a suitable placement and allow volunteers to join us when it is best for them. Also with some projects are no set start dates and programs run continuously throughout the year, so we can easily fit your schedule. Whenever volunteers arrive and at whatever time, our staff are waiting at the airport for them with all the details for their project fully prepared.
This flexibility also allows people to combine programs, to live and work with friends, and to work at the placement which inspires them most.
Quality Accommodation
A big motivation for going abroad is to immerse yourself in the culture where you will be working. International Volunteer Academy knows that living with a local host family is the best way to do that. We want you to feel at home while being away from home.
Our families are carefully chosen for security, comfort, and friendliness. Many hosts are associated with our programs - for example, a teacher or principal at one of our partner schools or a doctor at one of our medical placements.
Your room will be very modest but comfortable. Host families live in secure houses and neighborhoods and are closely screened and monitored, with regular checkups, before every new volunteer moves in.
We also ensure they can provide you with quality home-cooked meals. Food is at the heart of a society so be ready to eat of the local cuisine!
In line with our commitment to being a positive influence in the communities we work, host families are decently compensated, but are also interviewed for friendliness and to make sure they are motivated by the right reasons. They will welcome you into their family and home and be eager to share their customs with you and have you teach them about your own culture.
There are some locations where host families are not possible, mainly on groups or set dates, and conservation projects.  This does not mean we will not have evaluated your accommodation for quality and comfort.
In addition, participants could find FREE accommodations and book them before they join local project in any country with by www.stay4free.com, www.hospitalityclub.org etc. free accommodation exchange services.


This is an important part of the service International Volunteer Academy offers you. Your safety and security is our prime concern - we have many procedures and systems to ensure you have the support you need to enjoy your placement with peace of mind.

Our Assurances to you:

Security: We take your security very seriously. Before we go anywhere, the countries must be politically stable and safe. If they are not, we don't go. We also have the added security of our own who know the local area in detail.
Pre-Departure Advice: Once you've been accepted on to our projects you will receive a package which includes applying for a visa, packing lists, and cultural advice about the country you are visiting, and participant handbook. Our Project Developer will contact you once you have applied and is always available to give advice and answer any questions you may have - both before you go and while you are away.
Placement Details: Before you go, you will be allocated your placement details. These include addresses and numbers for your host family, and details regarding your placement and supervisor.
Overseas Staff and Offices: We have offices in the countries we volunteer so there will always be a support staff for you.
Contact Between Staff and Volunteers: Our staff regularly visit host-families, volunteers, and placements to ensure everything is running smoothly. We maintain a cycle of monitoring all volunteer accommodation and placements.
Accommodation: our overseas staff check all accommodation regularly. Accommodation is only accepted if it is clean, hygienic, and comfortable. We strive to have at least one member of the family be able to speak basic English, and the family will understand International Volunteer Academy’s aims. They must also be interested in having an English speaker to stay. Detailed records are kept of every host family, and these are updated after inspection visits. Checks are made before and during volunteers' stays.
Supervisors: Each volunteer, regardless of whether on a teaching, medical, conservation, or other placement is allocated a supervisor. The supervisor is not only responsible for enabling volunteers to carry out their work, but also for ensuring that they are happy and assisting them at their placement with any problems or concerns.
Meeting on arrival: Upon arrival you will go through an immigration station to determine whether your visa and/or other papers are in order. It is common for individuals to be asked about the purpose of their visit, the length of their stay, their accommodations, and finances. For "purpose of entry" put "tourist." As you come out of customs, our staff will be awaiting you and they will display IVA signs. If you do not see a person holding an IVA sign, please call the phone number you were given. Introduce yourself and explain that you are waiting for pickup at the airport. Local representatives will give you directions on how to proceed.

(Do not leave the airport without contacting your local representative. Unless directed otherwise )
Orientation: All volunteers have an induction to the country and area where they'll be living. This varies from country to country but generally includes:

  • A Welcome Pack with details of the local office and other volunteers, maps, and other useful information (such as banks, doctors, and public transport);
  • A tour of the area on local transport that you'll need to use regularly
  • We'll advise you on local customs and what to expect while you are away and help you feel confident in your new environment.
  • We have special educational programs to integrate you in the society and work service

Health and Insurance: IVA will do everything possible to ensure that you are healthy and comfort throughout the project. However, you should be aware that the standard of care in each nation differs. Food and water quality as well as sanitary conditions may not be what you are accustomed to. Every effort has been made to ensure the highest health standards. However, part of the responsibility for health maintenance is yours. Be sure to eat wisely and to get enough rest.

Meaningful Projects

The idea of “meaningful” is what drives every program. By this we mean that every project we offer has been arranged by us to be meaningful to you and the organization you’re volunteering for. Put simply: busy, constructive volunteers are happy volunteers and in turn, their host organizations are happy too.
To make this happen, we are constantly challenging our local staff to improve the support we offer the projects and to improve the volunteer experience through enhanced support and backup, before and after their project. Continuous improvement is key.
Our local staff are people. Some are social workers, some conservationists, other are teachers, lawyers, physical therapists, or experienced NGO employees. They understand what placements are needed in relation to development and maximum benefit to the local community and economy.
They are a part of the community: committed to it and, like IVA as a whole, committed to long-term sustainable positive impact through the combined efforts of our volunteers.
We pride ourselves on the support we give an enormous breadth of existing placements across the Caribbean and the fact that, through our local staff, we are able to establish new programs and initiatives where they are needed, such as shelters for street children in, human rights research and advocacy, or conservation work.

Becoming a part of a Vibrant Volunteer Community

By going on an IVA program, you are joining a community of fellow volunteers and local people in developing countries - working hard, traveling, and having a good time while achieving meaningful goals. You will make great friends with your host family, colleagues, and the people living in your host community. You will also make great friends of the other IVA volunteers we send out.
You will not only learn the traditions and customs of the country you are volunteering in, but also those of your fellow volunteers. You can also take part in the exchange by teaching your colleagues about the favorite parts of your culture.
Most do not realize this multicultural aspect of International Volunteer Academy until they arrive, but it is a distinctive part of our unique appeal. You will return with friends from across the globe and plans to visit them someday, or host them back home yourself.
It is also possible to volunteer with your friends from home and we can place and accommodate you together if you would like. Just request this where we ask on the application.

Going the Extra Mile

In addition to the standard safety and backup IVA assures every volunteer, our staff will really go the extra mile for you if you need it. If you are uncomfortable with commuting to your volunteer placement after we show you during your orientation, we will ride on the commute with you again. If you are feeling homesick or having trouble coping with culture shock, we will sit down with you to lend an understanding ear and share our expertise with you. If you get sick or injured while abroad, we will take you to the hospital and be there for you until you are better.
This begins before you even arrive abroad. If you are applying for credit or a grant, we will help you by writing a verification letter, filling out paperwork, or speaking with your school administrators. If you are using your time abroad for research or a dissertation, we can help you design your plan of study; many of us have academic backgrounds ourselves. If you had plans to go abroad by other means that fell through at the last minute, we will pull some strings to get you abroad on one of our programs as soon as possible. If your visa gets denied, we will call the embassy to lobby on your behalf.
The fact is, we care. It is important to us that you are a happy volunteer, because happy volunteers are productive volunteers and make the greatest impact.
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International Volunteer Academy, IVA www.ivacademy.ru dedicated to enhancing the lives of the people (happy people–happy world) is a branch of an incredibly fast-growing international movement, which now boasts all over the world. Please help this group grow by spreading the word! So, why not "pay it forward" and tell 3 (or more) people how wonderful ivacademy.ru is!
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